Can Distemper Be Cured?

Yes it can. As of July 2012, we have treated over 200 cases, 80% of which have recovered. These young dogs do not have to die; they can be successfully treated.

Canine distemper (CDV) is a lethal viral disease that, in its early stages, closely resembles a far less serious bacterial disease known as kennel cough. If a presumed case of kennel cough is failing to respond after 7-10 days of antibiotic therapy, then CDV is the likely cause of the illness and antivirals and immune support need to begin immediately. Without appropriate therapy delivered in a timely fashion, most distemper puppies will die.

What are the common symptoms and progression of CDV?

Young dogs suffering with CDV usually exhibit several of these symptoms. If a patient has progressed far enough in the illness to exhibit neurological symptoms (chewing-gum fits, seizures, etc.), it is probably too late to effectively treat. There is only a narrow window of opportunity before these more grave symptoms begin, and it can be highly variable from one patient to the next.

It is a much perpetuated myth that distemper is incurable as is testified to by the following quotes:

Kirk’s Current Veterinary Therapy XI

However, we have 168 recovered distemper patients (as of July 2012), who serve as living proof that distemper is, in fact, curable. We hope to help many more sick puppies as people learn that a diagnosis of distemper is not an automatic death sentence. They don’t have to die.

These are a few of our recovered distemper patients.