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Dr. Alan Ward has a strong interest in research and has designed and implemented a number of the treatment protocols used at Plano Animal Clinic (PAC). These protocols, known as PAC alternative therapies, include treatments for viral disease, glaucoma, inflammatory bowel disease, heartworm disease, and others. He takes a whole body approach to healing the root causes of illness, as opposed to symptomatic treatment of clinical signs. His methods are geared toward helping the body heal itself, and in so doing, he has seen many animals recover from illnesses he would not have thought possible 10 years ago.


Dr. Ward was born in Dallas and grew up in Richardson, Texas, one of three children, graduating from Berkner High School in 1974. He did his undergraduate and graduate studies at Texas A&M University and began his veterinary career in 1980. Practicing at two different locations in Dallas before moving to Plano, he became the new owner of Plano Animal Clinic (PAC) in 1984. He is married to Telma Ward, a native of Brazil, and they have two grown sons and two grandchildren. Their older son served one tour in Iraq as a U.S. Marine, and their younger son is a graduate of the University of North Texas. A member of his local, state, and national veterinary associations, Dr. Ward takes advantage of continuing education opportunities to keep abreast in the fields of conventional and alternative veterinary medicine.


At Plano Animal Clinic, we believe in giving back to the community and have supported the American Red Cross for many years. One of our favorite ways to help is through a little puppy named Piper.

Piper is a stuffed animal given to children affected by disaster who need comfort during the recovery process. When a $100 donation is given to sponsor Piper, he is immediately put on a disaster truck to meet his new family. The donor’s name is written on his paw and once a child gets Piper, the donor is contacted and told their Piper has reached a child’s arms.

Knowing the power of a pet’s love, we believe in this mission and we encourage you to sponsor Piper, giving a child support through puppy love.

Click on Piper’s picture to get involved!

Fundraising note: With your $100 donation you help provide for the immediate needs of families affected by disaster. These needs could include but are not limited to: shelter, meals, bedding, clothing and basic hygiene items for families following a house fire.


Special thanks to my lovely wife, Telma, for her patience, understanding, and loving support. Thanks to my great staff at Plano Animal Clinic for their hard work and concern for our clients and their pets. A big thanks also to Elaine Davis for her editing skills, computer entry, and having the patience of Job… and to Cheryl Voris, of 5'Odezyn, for bringing it all together so well on this website. Most importantly, I give thanks to the Lord God, who makes all things possible. He is the source of my inspiration and understanding – as Christ is in me, the hope of glory, and in Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. All that I am or hope to be comes from Him.


Dr. Ward is something of an amateur biblical scholar and teacher. He enjoys giving presentations on evidence-based Christianity - how science and history authenticate the Bible as God's literal word. Those in the Dallas area interested in hearing more can contact Julie at (972) 422-5116. Group size should be limited to five or six. Believers and nonbelievers are welcome.


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Paralyzed Dogs

The treatment methods that have been the most beneficial for our patients over the past few years include: Immune modulation, VOM spinal adjustments, Cold LASER therapy & LED acupuncture.

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