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Annual physical exams are important for pets, just as they are for people. Preventing illness is more desirable than curing illness. A guiding philosophy of practice at Plano Animal Clinic (PAC) is to enhance wellness by natural means through the use of immune modulation, spinal adjustment, nutrient therapy, etc.. This can extend the period of truly being “well” by months and even years for the average pet. Annual examinations and evaluations through the age of 7 are recommended. Pets 8 years of age and older are best examined twice yearly. An annual blood profile and urinalysis are also quite beneficial as pets mature. It enables us to make adjustments and fine tune a patient's health for maximum wellness. Quality of life is as important as quantity of life. Our goal is for your pet and friend to have both.

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Despite our best intentions, pets get sick just as people do. Through physical examination, patient history, and laboratory testing, we search for the cause of the illness, then make every effort to correct the illness and restore health. Next, we initiate proactive immune support to lessen the chance of recurrence. In fact, when proactive support is begun in the early years of a pet's life, the number of sick days he or she experiences throughout life is likely to be far less.

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Conventional medicine includes the use of pharmaceuticals, surgery, and radiation. While we still use conventional therapy when appropriate, our greatest successes have come through the use of alternative therapies that are geared toward helping the patient heal itself through a variety of immune modulating techniques and protocols. While we are not classically "holistic", some of our therapies are holistic in nature. See the Alternative Therapies section of our website.

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VOM is a less invasive and cost effective alternative to surgery and drugs for treating back pain, hind limb weakness, hind limb paralysis, slipped disks and more. These techniques are especially effective for treating Dachshunds and other small breeds with acute back injuries. See the Alternative Therapies section of our website.

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While we cannot make the actual injection "painless", we can reduce any lingering soreness at the vaccination site through the use of a therapeutic LED device which bathes the tissue in a pure red healing light. Tenderness quickly fades away.

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We encourage the adoption of pets from shelters and rescue groups. Each pet adopted is a life saved. We offer a complimentary well pet exam for any dog or cat adopted from a shelter (complimentary well pet exam must be within 7 days of adoption and does not include testing or treatment that might be needed). See the Alternative Therapies and Shelter Pets section of our website.

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A dog, cat, or person for that matter, grows old because of accumulated oxidative stress (free radical damage) to the DNA, proteins, and fats of the body. If we can keep a patient's weight under control and limit the damage done to the DNA, proteins, and fats, a senior dog or cat can sail through their golden years with relative ease. At PAC, we advise our pet owners on ways to maintain their pet's optimum weight through diet and exercise. Through the use of certain nutrients, nutraceuticals, and medications when necessary, we shield and protect the vital tissues of the body and promote health in aging animals. While old age tends to be terminal, good immune support can make a world of difference in a pet's journey through life. A successful life for our pets is living long and well and dying peacefully in their sleep. Most of us would hope the same for ourselves.

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Our routine dental cleanings consist of ultrasonic scalings, root planing, electric polishing, and fluoride application. We can do extractions when necessary, as well as other minor dental procedures, and we have good success in treating inflammatory conditions (gingivitis, periodontitis, and stomatitis) in the mouths of cats, as well as similar conditions in dogs.

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PAC is a strong advocate of spaying and neutering to control pet overpopulation, and we do many of these procedures, in addition to performing other routine surgeries. We use our Erchonia cold laser to speed healing and comfort after any surgical procedure. That being said, we are not really a surgical clinic. Our emphasis is more on prevention of surgery when possible. However, there are certainly medical conditions that are best handled surgically. These can be performed at our clinic or referred to the veterinary surgical center depending on the procedure needed.

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PAC is equipped with an X-ray unit and film processor to take plain and contrast radiographs (X-rays) of our patients to assist in diagnosis. For more advanced imaging studies, we refer to the local veterinary internist or radiologist. back to top BOARDING While we no longer offer boarding services, there are several local kennels we can recommend.

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While we no longer offer boarding services, there are several local kennels we can recommend.

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Paralyzed Dogs

The treatment methods that have been the most beneficial for our patients over the past few years include: Immune modulation, VOM spinal adjustments, Cold LASER therapy & LED acupuncture.

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