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VOM / LASER Spinal Adjustments: Natural Healing without Surgery or Drugs

We've enjoyed great success at Plano Animal Clinic (PAC) in recent years, using a form of veterinary spinal adjustment therapy called VOM (veterinary orthopedic manipulation). The whole body works off the spinal chord, and VOM enables us to treat injuries to the spine, such as slipped or bulging disks, with minimal risk or discomfort to the patient.

Bulging disks can cause a cascade of symptoms, including pain, motor impairment, and even paralysis. Nerve roots being impinged upon can also cause arteries that supply the various organs of the body to spasm, thus reducing the arterial blood flow to the organs. In short, spinal health equates with body health. Spinal injury equates with body degradation.

VOM enhances the body's ability to heal itself by restoring nerve transmission and blood flow to the bones, joints, tissues, and organs of the body. It uses chiropractic devices to gently restore spinal alignment, reduce pain, and relieve muscle spasms. This often prevents the necessity of back surgery and can greatly reduce the need for long-term use of NSAIDs. NSAIDs are potent pain medications that are best used on a temporary basis, as they carry significant health risks such as liver or kidney damage, stomach ulcers, and bleeding.

At PAC, we also include “cold laser” acupuncture with our VOM treatments at no additional charge. The cold laser is actually a light emitting diode (LED) device that has a laser simulating effect. This device, when used on certain acupuncture points, reduces local inflammation and brings balance to the energy pathways of the body. VOM spinal adjustment works synergistically in combination with laser acupuncture to bring gentle healing to the patient.

Any breed of dog or cat may be affected by degenerative or herniated disks, which lead to a wide variety of symptoms. The dog breeds most commonly affected are Dachshunds, Cocker Spaniels, Shih Tzus, Poodles, Beagles, and Bichons. Cats are not as much affected by breed as dogs, however. Common symptoms that either dogs or cats may exhibit include hiding, refusing normal play activity, hesitancy to jump up, reluctance to go up or down steps, obvious pain in the back or neck, tensing of the abdomen, a change in gait, aggression, depression, etc. Fortunately, though, these symptoms often relate to the spine and usually respond well to VOM therapy.

VOM spinal adjustment is not a “cure all,” but it is a good place to start. I have personally been amazed at some of the conditions our patients have recovered from by using this therapy. Pet owners have frequently made comments such as, “VOM is a miracle!” or “It's amazing!” or just “Wow!” It not only resolves many musculoskeletal issues and injuries, but it is a wonderful promoter of health in general. The whole body can and does benefit from adjustment of the spine.

Any pet owner seeking a natural, non-invasive, drug-free approach to their pet's health care should give VOM a try. It represents an intriguing alternative to pharmaceuticals and surgery.

These are a few of our formerly paralyzed Dachshund patients successfully treated with our non-invasive Back & Spine Protocol (TM).

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The treatment methods that have been the most beneficial for our patients over the past few years include: Immune modulation, VOM spinal adjustments, Cold LASER therapy & LED acupuncture.

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