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Canine Influenza (Dog Flu)

Dogs are the newest mammal to acquire the flu virus. Fortunately, this is not a type of influenza that is contagious to humans, nor is it associated with the bird flu (H 5 N 1 ). Canine influenza is an H 3 N 8 flu virus that was transferred to dogs from horses through dog track trainers feeding raw horsemeat to racing greyhounds (2004). Because the virus is new in dogs, no dog will be currently protected by natural immunity. All dogs exposed will probably be infected, but only 80% will have clinical symptoms.

Clinical symptoms often mimic kennel cough, though the cough may be less harsh, but more productive, and last longer. Most reported cases have resolved using a combination of antibiotic therapy and supportive care to prevent secondary bacterial pneumonia.

A smaller percentage of cases may develop a more severe and life-threatening disease resembling distemper, with moderate to high fever (103-107˚F), protracted coughing spells, green nasal discharge, secondary bacterial pneumonia, labored breathing, etc. Again, all dogs will be susceptible regardless of vaccination status for kennel cough or distemper. Fatality rates can be as high as 5-10%. Infection rates can be explosive.

At Plano Animal Clinic, we have had very good success in treating a variety of viral diseases, using an antiviral protocol that Dr. Ward originally developed for treating canine distemper. To date (July 2012), 168 distemper patients have recovered out of just over 200 treated. Should dog flu become a problem in our area, we anticipate being able to treat it successfully as well.

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