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Canine Parvovirus (CPV)

Much has been written about CPV on numerous websites. The virus is highly contagious, can persist for months in the environment, and is resistant to most disinfectants. The pain and suffering CPV can produce in puppies and young dogs is staggering. The most obvious manifestation of the illness is a profuse, horrible-smelling, bloody diarrhea spewing from the rectum as the intestinal lining sloughs away. Abdominal cramping is extreme, and dehydration rapidly follows. Death can occur from the dehydration itself or from bacterial sepsis occurring subsequent to the damage inflicted on the intestines by the virus.

Conventional veterinary medical wisdom says that treatment for CPV centers around intensive supportive care, as the virus itself is thought to be untreatable. Copious quantities of intravenous fluids, injectable antibiotics, antispasmodics, pain relievers, etc. are administered until the body is able to overcome the virus on its own. Owners are cautioned to expect a lengthy hospitalization (usually 5-7 days), substantial expense, and a guarded prognosis. Though usually successful, the patient experiences a great deal of suffering before recovery, and the cost of the extended hospitalization can easily run into the thousands.

At Plano Animal Clinic (PAC), we use a method of therapy that Dr. Ward developed on site at PAC while working with canine distemper patients. We refer to it as “PAC antiviral therapy”, and it includes the traditional supportive care given to a parvo patient, such as IV fluids and antibiotics, along with a unique blend of antivirals, immune modulators, and nutraceuticals. Along with the other elements of our treatment, patients have benefited tremendously from the use of super-high doses of intravenous vitamin C; intravenously and orally administered ultra low-dose human recombinant interferon; and orally administered silver chloride solution. By using this PAC antiviral protocol, we are able to stop the virus from replicating in individual cells, prevent new cells from becoming infected, and enhance the body's ability to clear itself from any residual virus.

The net result for our patients is that they are usually able to return home in 24-48 hours, instead of the more common 5-7 days. The patient's suffering is ended days sooner, and the expense to the owner is significantly reduced. While we still experience an occasional loss, the large majority of our parvo patients have recovered and gone on to live normal, healthy lives. As with any disease process, the earlier we see them, the better our chances of success.

NOTE: State law prohibits us from consulting with the owner of any sick pet that we have not personally examined. Your understanding in this matter is appreciated. As with any conventional or alternative medical therapy, there is no stated or implied guarantee of success.

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