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The Genius of Cancer

Cancer is the one disease process that seems to get angry and fight back when attempts are made to treat it. Cancer can disguise itself, defend itself, and even launch lethal counterattacks when provoked. To make matters worse, cancer cells are immortal, only dying when the host dies. Given adequate nutrition, cancer cells can live forever. Yes, cancer is indeed a formidable opponent and is responsible for nearly half of all deaths in dogs and cats over ten years of age.

“Cancer is incredibly intelligent. Now we’re trying to be as smart as these tumors are.” 1

“Cancer is a thief and biological con artist, breaking into and taking control of the mechanisms of a cell and coaxing it to grow and divide in dangerous ways.” 2

“Cancer acts as one great armed force, attacking by the equivalent of air and land and sea and stealth. ...” 2

“Even as the patients are responding (to treatment), the tumors are trying to figure out a way to escape the block.” 3

“Cancer comes from one bad cell that becomes immortal and duplicates itself over and over.” 4

“It erupts in healthy tissue and - programmed to grow perpetually - mercilessly invades surrounding tissue and spreads to distant sites.” 5

“The only way a cancer can be cured is surgically. When treating medically, it’s always going to be a terminal condition.” 1

“The hero scientist who defeats cancer will likely never exist. ... We’re going to take it (cancer) out with what? A lab-coated sniper?” 2

They are probably correct. Cancer, as a disease process, may be too clever for us to ever cure. Yet that doesn’t stop us from trying - both individually and collectively. When the alternative to effective cancer therapy is death, we have nothing to lose by continuing to shoot at the target. Perhaps one day, we’ll get lucky.

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