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Preemptive Strike

At Plano Animal Clinic (PAC), we advocate proactive treatment to minimize the risk of illness in pets newly adopted from animal shelters. Young dogs and cats found in animal shelters are frequently unvaccinated when they arrive and are therefore more susceptible to viruses and secondary bacterial infections. We have found that if we examine the dogs and cats within a few days of being adopted, we can begin a short treatment regimen for these animals that usually prevents any serious illness from occurring.

The protocol we use was developed here at PAC and includes a combination of oral medications to combat viral and secondary bacterial infections. We also utilize a proprietary nutrient blend to enhance immune function.

For pets adopted from shelters where exposure to potential illness is unavoidable, a preemptive strike against disease makes sense. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We offer complimentary well pet exams for puppies and kittens, dogs and cats, within one week of adoption. Please bring your new pet’s paperwork including dates of any vaccinations given along with the date and location of adoption.

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Paralyzed Dogs

The treatment methods that have been the most beneficial for our patients over the past few years include: Immune modulation, VOM spinal adjustments, Cold LASER therapy & LED acupuncture.

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